This article will tell you the basic general information about Hungary like 

  • how to pay when buying in the stores;
  • what languages people speak;
  • what offices you will need to contact;
  • what travel hubs you may use  

Hungary’s basics


Form of government: parliamentary republic 

Capital: Budapest

Official language : Hungarian

Mostly used foreign language: English (It is spoken in urban areas and mainly by young people.)

Official currency: forint (HUF). The exchange rate to the Ukrainian hryvnia is about 1:10, i.e. 1 hryvnia is roughly 10 forints.

Is Hungary a member of the European Union?

Yes and also in the Schengen area.

Which countries share borders with Hungary?

Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.


Basic practical information

Can I pay in euros?

You can pay in euros in many places, such as large grocery stores and shops, international ticket offices at train stations and airports, but change is only given in forints.


Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay by credit card almost everywhere. You can also use a Ukrainian debit card. In some cases you will need to authorise the usage via your mobile banking application.


Where can I find a money changer?

Money changers can be found in all major shopping centres in busy locations.

For more information on money changers around Nyugati Railway Station, click here: All you need to know about Nyugati Railway Station.



How does international transport work? 

These are the main hubs:

  • Liszt Ferenc International Airport – For more info check the airport’s website here. The Hungarian airline is Wizzair whose website you can check here. From Budapest airport, you can reach all the neighbouring countries as well as the main destinations worldwide. If you want to find the cheapest or easiest way to a certain destination, you may check various sites that provide information of different flight options like kiwi or skyscanner.
  • Népliget bus station (International bus station, Flixbus). You can find more information here. Address: Üllői út 131., 1091 Budapest, 
  • Western Railway Station (Nyugati): Teréz krt. 55., 1062 Budapest
  • Eastern Railway Station (Keleti): Kerepesi út 2-4., 1087 Budapest 
  • Southern Railway Station (Déli): Krisztina krt 37/a, 1013 Budapest

Official information on train transport can be found here. Generally speaking, most of the European capitals can be reached by train, but be aware that train tickets are most of the time more expensive than flight tickets. It is useful to check both options especially when travelling to a neighbouring country. In certain cases, there are great options e. g. travelling by train to Vienna. 

For more information on transport, please read I have arrived in Hungary - basic practical information


Where can I book accommodation?

For booking an accommodation, the main websites in Hungary are linked just below. You can download a mobile app for both of them:

Booking, Airbnb

Prices range from 7000 HUF (70 UAH) in case of a hostel to 100 000 (1000 UAH) for more expensive hotel rooms/night/person. 

Regarding Airbnb, you may get a room for the same price (7000 HUF - 70 UAH) and an apartment for 15-22 000 HUF (150-220 UAH). 

Downtown area is secure. 

If you go for cheaper accommodation, you may want to book a place at the Pest side. 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th districts are all fine, only in case of the 8th you should check more carefully the surrounding area. (Many parts of 8th district belong to downtown, but some streets are a bit more risky to walk on during the night.)

If you want to know more about finding a long-term acommodation, read our article: Renting an apartment in Hungary


Which is the state-owned transit accommodation?

BOK Hall (Budapest)  

Address: 1 Dózsa György út, 1146 Budapest.

For more information on transit accommodation and other accommodation options, see our article:  Where can I sleep – for cheap or free


What are the most important phone numbers?

112 - emergency 

104 - ambulance

105 - fire brigade

107 – police


Where can I go if I need any kind of documents for my stay?

If you are staying in Hungary and need any documents, you will need to go to the Directorate General of Aliens:

National Directorate General for Aliens

Address: Budapest, Budafoki út 60, 1117

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8-14

Phone number: (+36 1) 463 9100

You can find the website here.


Where can I find the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary?

The Embassy's website can be found here: Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary

Address: Istenhegyi út 84/b, 1125 Budapest.

Embassy (secretariat): + 36 1 422 41 41 20; Consular Section: +36 1 422 41 22; +36 1 422 41 23, + 36 1 220 98 73


Basic phrease in Hungarian that can be helpful

Good morning, good afternoon - jó napot!

Thank you - Köszönöm!

Excuse-me - Elnézést

Could you help me? - Tudna segíteni?

I don’t speak Hungarian - Nem beszélek magyarul.

Do you change hryvnia? - Itt váltanak hrivnyát?

A coffee, please - Egy kávét kérek.

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