Cash assistance is a type of financial assistance provided by a government or organization to persons who are unable to meet their basic living expenses. It is typically intended to help people who are experiencing economic hardship and who are unable to support themselves or their families.

In this article you will learn 

  • who is entitled to receive it
  • how much support you can claim from the state;
  • how to get the subsistence allowance;
  • how long you can get the allowance

Who is entitled to regular cash assistance?

Cash assistance is paid to people with asylum status and to dual nationals who came to Hungary after 24 February 2022 and have a permanent address in Ukraine.

Find out more about asylum status here: Asylum in Hungary

Where can you apply for cash assistance?

You can apply for cash assistance at the district office of the place where you live. You can find the relevant office here.

How much is the cash assistance?

  • HUF 22 800 for adults (over 18 years)
  • HUF 13 700 for minors (under 18).

How will you receive your cash assistance?

You will always receive your cash assistance by post or by transfer to your Hungarian bank account. 

Because of the postal delivery, it is important that you notify the new address to the district office or the National Policing Authority every time you change accommodation, otherwise you will not receive your next monthly allowance! If you do not receive your cash assistance by post, you will not be able to claim it afterwards.
The first payment will be made once your asylum status has been recognised.


  • No support is available at the district office or at the National Policing Authority’s helpdesk; you can only apply at the district office
  • This money can only be transferred to Hungarian bank accounts!
  • If you would like to receive your cash assistance by post,  make sure that your address is registered at the office, preferably with the floor and door number, and that your name is written in roman letters on the letterbox. This way, the postman can find out where to drop the letter. If the postman is unable to deliver the notice for any reason, the post office will return the money after 10 days and it will not be possible to collect it after that time. 
  • If you have already received cash assistance and know which days of the month it usually arrives, but you do not receive a notification, it is worth checking with the post office to make sure it is not returned.

Who is not entitled to cash assistance while having an asylum status?

  • If you are a public employee or have a job from which you have an income;
  • if you receive a Hungarian old-age pension;
  • if you receive a pension from abroad which you can draw in Hungary.

What conditions do you have to fulfill for actually getting the aid from the authorities?

You have to show up in person at the local district office before the month in which the payment is made. You need to register with the office for the first time and then appear every month. This means that you have to go to the office in person, otherwise the money will not be sent later. If your age is between 6 and 18, an adult can represent you. Children under the age of 6 do not need to go to the office.

What happens if the local office offers you a job?

If the office offers you a job, you are obliged to accept it 45 days after you receive your first grant at the earliest . You  do not have to accept it only if

  • you are already working in a Hungarian job at that time and you have a certificate about that (in this case you don’t get the cash assistance); 
  • you have a child who is younger than 3;
  • you are in full-time education or training and under 18 years old.

When does cash assistance stop?

If you do not accept the job offered to you, the allowance will stop. Also in any other case in which you no longer meet the conditions of entitlement. 




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