If you're coming from Ukraine by train, chances are you'll be getting off at Budapest Nyugati Railway Station. Find out in this article, 

  • what services are available at the station;
  • how to get food when you arrive here;
  • what you can do in and around Nyugati.

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Services at the station

  • Domestic ticket sales

Opening hours: every day  6 am - 7:35 pm

  • International ticket sales

Opening hours: every day: 6 am - 7:35 pm

*Tickets for international travel, seat tickets and travel passes can be paid in euros!

  • Found objects service

Located in the building, accessible from platform 13. Lost and found objects can be collected from 6 am to 6 pm

  • Luggage storage

Opening hours: every day between 2:30 am - 0:50 am 

Location: on platform 8, to the left of the ticket machines, next to the escalator that goes to the underpass. You can rent a small locker for 1500 HUF, and a large locker for the same price (for 24 hours). You can only pay with coins of 100 and 200 HUF.  ATTENTION: You can  close the locker only  once with one deposit! 


Customer service: Unfortunately, there is no in-person customer service at Nyugati, only at another railway station, called Keleti (Eastern Railway Station/Keleti pályaudvar). However, you can get in touch with the call center using the following numbers:

MÁVDIREKT:  +36 (1) 3 49 49 49, mobile: +36 (20/30/70) 499 4999

Where can I buy food?

  • Fornetti bakery, credit card coffee and drinks vending machine - next to tracks 1-9, near the exit to the car park;
  • McDonald's - to the left of the main entrance, approx. 50 metres;
  • Other fast food restaurants – Westend mall;
  • SPAR grocery store - underpass;
  • LIDL - at the address of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 61. - approximately 5 minutes walk from the railway station;
  • ALDI - at the address of Váci út 14. - facing WestEnd mall, approximately 4 minutes walk from the station;
  • Tobacconist - at the railway station, Váci út, access from the underpass, or at Teréz krt. 56 (corner of Teréz krt. and Podmaniczky utca).

Where can I find a bathroom?

  • Underpass, between platforms 11 and 12, cost: 250 HUF. 6 am-10 pm.
  • McDonald's - to the left of the main entrance, approx. 50 metres, cost: 200 HUF. 6 am - 12 pm
  • Westend, 9 am - 10 pm, free of charge.


Where can I charge my phone or pay for credit on the SIM-card?

  • Charging your phone in case of low battery- at McDonald's
  • Paying for credit on the SIM-card/ only Hungarian numbers - newsstand next to tracks 1-5. 

If you want to know more about using Ukrainian SIM-cards in Hungary, read our article: Ukrainian SIM-card in Hungary


Where can I change money? 

  • ATMs at the train station: you can navigate at the ATMs in Russsian language, and you can withdraw small amounts of money as well (e.g. 1000,-Ft).
  • Expert Change:  Exchange office Teréz krt. 56 (at the corner of Podmaniczky and Teréz krt.) 
  • Exclusive Change: Exchange office Teréz krt. 62 (opposite McDonalds) and in the shopping mall, WestEnd
  • MoneyGram: Podmaniczky utca 1-3.

Western Union: at the exchange office of the train station. 


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