romain-dancre-doplSDELX7E-unsplash.jpgIn this article, we list the most necessary documents that you will need if you choose to stay in Hungary.  These documents will enable you to live in Hungary legally, have health insurance, find a job and get support:

1. any permit allowing you to reside in Hungary (asylum card, residence permit, resettlement permit, etc.), which you can apply for at the Immigration Policing Authority.

Read more about it in the article: Residence permit in Hungary 

Whichever residence permit you choose, you may also need:


2. an identity card, which you can apply for at any district registry office (here is the list of offices in Pest County) or at the Government Office of Budapest.


3. a proof of your residence

- as a Hungarian or a dual citizen, you can apply for it at any government office. Their official website you can find here

- for foreign nationals who hold a residence permit, this document is issued by the Immigration Policing Authority whose page you will find here

- those having or applying for an asylum card do not receive a separate document to address registration. They can obtain an official certificate from the Immigration Policing Authority on request.

The address card may be necessary for banking purposes or to apply for a social security card.

In addition to the above documents, Hungarian, dual or resident citizens will also need:


4.  a tax ID number (tax card), which you can apply for at any National Tax and Customs Administration office (you will need this if you want to work in the country). Here you find the page of the National Tax and Customs Administration;


5. an official health insurance card (locally called TAJ-kártya, with a social security number), which you can apply for at the National Health Insurance Fund whose website you find here. You can apply for a health insurance card if you have had a permanent address card at least for a year, or if you are employed. For employees, the employer can also arrange the social security number and health insurance card. You can find all the forms here, although only in Hungarian. 

With an asylum status, you will be treated for health problems without a social security number. 

If you are employed, you will receive a card, which your employer will request for you as mentioned above. Yet, be careful! Bear in mind that if you have a temporary address, your health insurance card will expire every time you change your job. This means that it must be validated every time you choose another company to work for.

If you are a double national, and do not have a permanent address, the validity period expires as Hungarian authorities only give indefinite validity for those having a permanent address. Make sure to renew it on time.

You need to have your social security number revalidated when changing your residence permit as well.


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