If you need immediate medical care and there is an emergency situation, emergency medical care is available in Hungary. We will explain the details in this article!


What is considered an emergency?


A situation is considered an emergency when there is an urgent need for medical care. This means that a person's life would be in immediate danger or would suffer serious, permanent damage to one's health. A doctor makes the decision if a case is an emergency, but if this is not clear, the situation should be treated as an emergency.


Emergencies include, for example, head injuries, fractures, dehydration, fainting, childbirth, etc. You can read the full list of emergency cases in Hungarian here.


Where can I go if I need emergency care?


According to the Hungarian Health Act, people arriving from Ukraine can request care at any Hungarian emergency department, if it is a true emergency. This is true for both adults and children.

You can request children's emergency care at the pediatric emergency department.


The telephone number of the ambulance: 112 - you can speak with the dispatcher in Hungarian, English, and German.

Looking for emergency care? Here you can find the closest one. 


You can find more useful information about Hungarian health care in Ukrainian here.


What should I take with me to the emergency care unit?

  • your social security card or address card, or in case you don't have these documents - your passport
  • your previous medical documents, if possible
  • the list of medicines you take regularly, and if possible - make a note of their dosage
  • if possible, call the emergency hospital before you go so the medical staff can expect you

You can find emergency care units here


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