If you want to find short-term accommodation in Hungary quickly for free or at cheap price, this article can help you in your search.

Free accommodations:

  • Migration Aid Madridi Road refugee shelter

For Migration Aid Madridi refugee shelter you also need a valid ticket for the onward journey, but here you can stay from 1-4 nights. They primarily welcome women and children.

Address : Budapest XIII., Madridi utca 9.

Contact: madridi@migaid.org and Migration Aid, Madridi.

  • Migration Aid Győr refugee shelter

To stay at Győr shelter you only need to  show a personal document (identity card, passport, birth certificate), and you can stay for a longer period.

Contact: gyor@migaid.org and Migration Aid Győr refugee hostel

  • Private offers

You can browse offers in the shelterukr.com database. In this website individuals offer temporary accommodation for shorter and longer periods throughout the country. In addition, you can ask for help in the Help/Допомога українцям Facebook group, where they usually arrange short term accommodation for families.


Cheap short-term accommodation

In Hungary, personal documents are required to book and occupy accommodation (identity card, passport or birth certificate).

The most popular accommodation searching platforms where you can find hostels and cheaper apartments: Booking , Airbnb , Szállás.hu . Applications can be downloaded for all three.


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