If you have just arrived in Hungary and need to learn a few practical information to navigate your new environment, such as Free Wi-fi, Mobile service, Transportation, Useful applications, currency and Emergency hotlines - keep reading!


Where can I connect to free Wi-Fi?

  • At train stations: in all Hungarian train stations, you may select the "MAV Free Wifi" network. After the browser window appears, tick the checkbox, press the "accept" button, and the connection is established.
  • In shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes: the password of the network is displayed either on the display or on the café menu, but usually, you will need to ask the staff about the name and access code of the network.

How do I get a SIM card

Here are the providers available to people from Ukraine:

  • Telekom

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Telekom, a Hungarian mobile service provider offers a SIM card typically for about 1000 HUF (around 100 UAH). Keep in mind that as a non-Hungarian citizen, it is absolutely necessary to buy the card in a store and not online, and you will have to present your identity documents. 

For the terms and conditions, you will find a Ukrainian guide here

  • Yettel

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Yettel offers SIM card to those with asylum status in Hungary.


The Ukrainian SIM cards also work in Hungary, depending on the service provider and the package. All the big Ukrainian mobile service providers offer free minutes and data in Hungary. You may check the terms of your package and make sure that your account is active. Also, it is necessary to switch on the roaming option on your phone.


How do I exchange Currency?

Hryvnia is not easily exchanged in Hungary, since very few places change hryvna. Be attentive of the rates as they can be extremely low. In the countryside, exchange offices usually do not deal with hryvna. In Budapest, it is possible to change Ukrainian currency in some of the exchange offices, not all. Expert Change is one of them, and it is close to the train station. (56 Teréz krt., Budapest, 1066). 


What are the most useful free of charge applications available?

  • Waze – GPS navigation mobile phone application for drivers
  • Google Maps - route planning for people traveling on foot or by public transport
  • FőTaxi application - taxi ordering application
  • Budapest Go -BKK official route planner in Budapest
  • Telvira - train, bus and combined timetable.
  • Budipest - A community toilet finder application that allows you to easily find toilets in the area
  • Vonatdroid - Live train and timetable information for Hungary. Arrival and departure signs, facts and track closure warnings
  • HelpU Radio app - Online radio that can be listened to 24 hours a day. Offering up-to-date information for refugees from Ukraine
  • Google translate - Translation program
  • SayHi - voice translator for Android


What are the most useful cheap applications for transport? 

  • Bubi - Budapest community bicycle sharing system
  • Lime, Tier - Budapest Community electric scooter applications
  • Limo – Budapest largest public car service
  • Greengo - eCar sharing Budapest


What are the most important emergency telephone numbers?

General emergency number: 112 - can be called 24 hours a day in Hungarian, English and German

Police: 107

Ambulances: 104

Fire department: 105


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