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  • what tests are required for your pet before crossing the border.

What do I need to bring my pet from Ukraine to Hungary?

On the 1st June 2023, the pre-war rules for the entry of pets were restored. This means that all dogs, cats and ferrets must have the following documents when entering the country:

  • an identification document
  • microchip
  • a valid rabies vaccination
  • a valid rabies titer test.
  • 1-BET certificate.

What is a titer test and how is it done?
A titer test shows whether your pet has enough antibodies against rabies in its blood. The blood sample for the test can only be taken by a veterinarian and only at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination. 

The titer test must be carried out in an EU approved laboratory (in Ukraine there is one in Kiev, so the blood sample is sent there for testing). Vaccinated animals have a good chance of producing an appropriate result. 

Entry is allowed after 3 months from the date of blood sampling.
This means that if the pet has not had an older but still valid titer test, the total preparation time before travelling is at least 4 months. 

If you have already had a titer test for your pets and they are receiving the rabies vaccine continuously, there is no need to have another one! However, if the chain is broken and the last vaccination expires without the pet receiving the next one on the day before expiration date, the titer test will be invalid and must be repeated.

What is 1-BET?
To leave Ukraine, you may also need a veterinary certificate called 1-BET, which can only be issued by a state veterinarian after an examination of the pet in case the identification document is present. This certificate is only valid for 3 days, so it must be obtained immediately before departure. On this basis, the Ukrainian veterinary service at the border will issue an international certificate in English or German stating that the animal is healthy. Whether this certificate is necessary depends on the country you are going to. It is not required in Hungary, but may be required in other European countries.


What else must be filled in when crossing the border?

  • When entering Hungary, you will need to fill in a form stating the intended address of the pet.
  • Import of companion animals from Ukraine, registration form is here
  • Information on the movement of pets is here.


How do I carry my pet on the train?
The following rules apply to the transport of pets by train:

  • pets (dogs, cats, ferrets or other small animals) carried in a carrier are considered as hand luggage and do not require a separate ticket. The object used as a carrier must, however, ensure that the pet can be carried safely and that it cannot escape from the carrier and affect the comfort and safety of other passengers.
  • police officers or assistance dogs travelling without a carrier also travel free of charge.
  • other dogs may be carried without a carrier only when muzzled and on a lead, subject to the purchase of a dog license.

Purchase a train ticket from a ticket machine: 


What should I know about dog keeping in Hungary?

  • In general, small dogs that can be carried in your hand are allowed in shopping centres in Hungary, but larger dogs are not allowed.
  • In Hungary, permanent veterinary care is provided on a paid basis. Many veterinary clinics and pet shops are available to take care of small animals.
  • Regular annual vaccination against rabies is compulsory for dogs in Hungary, while there is no such obligation for cats.


Rules for pets on internal bus services (Volánbusz)

  • Dogs muzzled and leashed may be carried on the bus at the responsibility of the accompanying person (except for assistance dogs and police dogs). 
  • A fee is payable for the transport of the dog according to the distance. The weight, volume, etc. of other means of transport (containers, cages, baskets, crates, etc.) used for transporting animals must not exceed the weight, volume, etc. specified for hand luggage. If the live animal disturbs or inconveniences the passengers by its behaviour, the company Volánbusz Zrt. may exclude the pet from the transport and the owner/keeper will be responsible for the damage.

You can find further information here.

Onward travel of a pet from Hungary to another country

In the case of traveling to other countries, please check the website of the consular service of the country concerned and the company (airline, bus company) that is making the journey. If you have any further questions, you should contact the telephone helpline! For information on EU countries click here and for information on conditions of travel to England click here.

Pet traveling abroad by Flixbus

Attention! Flixbus does not transport pets other than animals for disabled persons.

More info here.


What service providers can I use to take my pet to another country if I need to?

The service providers listed here will transport your pet to the country of your choice for a fee.


Care of animals staying permanently in Hungary

For paid veterinary care for animals staying in Hungary, you can find a doctor here.  

You can find more well-known pet care providers here and here


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