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  • where to find summer camps and playgrounds for your child.

Start of the Summer Vacation in Hungary

The last day of school in Hungary is Friday 16 June 2023, so the summer break will start on Saturday 17 June 2023. The end of the school break is Thursday 31 August 2023.

After-school Services during the Summer Holidays

Both working and non-working parents need organise childcare during the summer holidays.
In Hungary, the provision of day care for children during the summer holidays is a municipal responsibility. Every municipality organizes its child care system during the holiday differently. If you want to know where your municipality ensures childcare, enquire at your kid's school!
Some schools organise special sessions for their pupils, which parents can sign up for on behalf of their child. 


Where can I find summer holiday activities for my child?
During the summer holidays, many institutions offer day care for children, and many even offer thematic activities.
If you would like to find a place for your child, you can enquire at the following places:

  • Contact your kids school!
  • The different church denominations also often organise summer camps, where children of different ages are welcome. Contact the pastor or priest of the denomination nearest to your location.
  • Look for local community centres, which often provide day-care facilities for the summer holidays.
  • Check with the local municipality or its website, they often organise summer activities for children as mentioned above. 
  • Many sports clubs and art schools organise summer camps and programmes for children. These camps offer the opportunity to have fun and learn; kids are supervised all day or part-time.
  • Check online resources: there are many platforms that collect and present local opportunities. For example, this is a children's camp finder
  • SOS Ukraine's Facebook page is constantly updated with information about camping opportunities for Ukrainian refugee children.

Are there summer programmes specifically for refugee children?

Many charitable organisations in Hungary organise camps for Ukrainian children. So if you are a refugee and you are in contact with an organisation that helps Ukrainian refugees, you can ask them about the possibilities. In certain cases, the information is not promoted, but there can be places left for more kids who would like to attend.

At the moment, upcoming summer programmes for refugee children are already being organised by the following organisations:

  • Piarist High School offers a free summer education camp for Ukrainian children. You can find more info here
  • Programme of Menedék that you can find here.
  • Summer camp at Dévai Fogadó. You can find more info here
  • House of Ukrainian Traditions (Дім українських традицій Будапест) - Summer language camp 
  • Summer camp for Ukrainian children in Szombathely - Participation in the camp is free.  


Other Exciting Places to Visit

We also recommend Budapest's super playgrounds for family or friends to enjoy a picnic or a programme together: 

  • Városligeti large playground - a real children's paradise in a beautiful setting.
  • Gellért Hill Slide Park - a thrilling theme park.
    Gellért Hill 
  • Benczúr-kerti playground - baby and mum swings for adults in a fairytale setting, integrated limbo for disabled children, toilets with nappy changing facilities.
    9 Benczúr köz, Budapest 1068 
  • Rumini Playground - Mouse Town, a playground that brings the Hungarian Rumini tales to life.
    Mária tér, 1011 Budapest
  • MUZI - themed historical playground. - Múzeumkert, 9. Múzeum utca, 1088.

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