Are you a Ukrainian citizen and want to get married in Hungary? 

In this article you will find out: 

  • what documents you will need to register your intention to get married;
  • where to register your intention to get married;
  • how much a civil wedding can cost;
  • What does the procedure look like.

How to declare your intention to get married?

In Hungary, you need to make the declaration in person at the registry office where the marriage will take place.  You are free to choose the office and the municipality.

You will need the following documents to register your intention to get married:

  • a valid foreign passport;
  • An identity card issued to a settled, immigrant, asylum seeker, stateless person that proves his/her identity;
  • address registration card.
  •  a certificate proving  no legal obstacles to the planned marriage issued by the competent foreign embassy or consulate , accompanied by a certified Hungarian translation. It should include personal data, place and date of birth, parents' names, residence, nationality, marital status, and entitlement to marry under the law of the home country.

If you are Ukrainian, a certificate can be obtained from the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary. Contact here.

  • Birth certificate in an authenticated Hungarian translation;
  • If divorced, a document certifying the divorce of the previous marriage in an authenticated Hungarian translation;
  • If the spouse is a widow or widower, the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be presented in an authenticated Hungarian translation.

Attention! Documents issued abroad must be accompanied by a diplomatic endorsement. You can read more about this in our article here: Authentication of Ukrainian documents

Documents issued in a foreign language must be submitted in a certified translation prepared by the National Translation and Translation Certification Office OFFI (1062. Budapest, Bajza utca 52.).

What to do if the people getting married don't speak Hungarian?

If one or both parties does not speak Hungarian, an interpreter is required during the procedure. In this case, the spouses must provide the interpreter. Here you can find a group with volunteer interpreters and another validated interpreter-service. An interpreter costs a minimum 5000 HUF/hour. Otherwise, you need to include a declaration by the non-Hungarian spouse that he/she understands and speaks Hungarian. This declaration form can be signed at the office on the day of the marriage. 

What happens after you have declared your intention to marry?

A record of the declaration of intention to marry is drawn up. The registrar submits this record, together with the attached documents and a covering letter, to the Government Office. Within 30 days, the Government Office will examine the foreign documents presented and inform the registrar in writing whether they are suitable for marriage in Hungary.

The procedure is free of charge, but the cost of obtaining the documents, translating them into Hungarian and hiring an interpreter is at the expense of the spouses. 



What happens when the Registry Office approves the marriage application? How does the ceremony take place?

In Hungary, marriage is a civil ceremony conducted by the registrar in the presence of two witnesses, in Hungarian. The engaged couple declare, in the presence of the witnesses and the registrar, that they are joining their lives together voluntarily and of their own free will. The foreign national can have the birth certificate and other documents certified in his/her own country, if necessary.

The usual process of the ceremony in Hungary:

  • entrance 
  • welcome by the registrar
  • saying YES (official part)
  • signing the marriage register (official part)
  • ring-pulling (official part)
  • after the official parts, you can create a symbol of your new life together in a ceremony, such as candle lighting or sand casting
  • a toast
  • handing over official documents
  • another champagne toast
  • exit

Digital music is usually included in the basic service and the couple can compose the music tracks. You usually give the tracks to the registrar in an agreed format on the day of the event.

How much does a civil wedding cost?

The cost of a civil wedding in Hungary varies and  is determined by the respective municipality. The price calculation depends on whether only the couple and their two witnesses will be present  or if guests will also attend. The price ranges approximately from 5000 to 30 000 HUF.

In certain municipalities, there may be an additional fee if the civil wedding takes place after office hours. 

There is no fixed standard for the basic service either. Some offices offer it for  free while others may have a minimum charge of around HUF 5000-6000. The final cost will also depend on any additional services  the couple wishes to include in their wedding ceremony.


The Hungarian Constitution defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman, and the country does not have any laws in place that allow for same-sex marriages to be performed or recognized.







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